Saturday, December 26, 2009

What's Next/Breadboard Challenge

What a great first year! 33 of the 42 available breadboards were given away to people donating over $1400 to Medical Teams International, Bread for the World and Oregon Food Bank. If you are interested in the remaining breadboards contact Jonathan.

The question I like to ask is what's next. The Breadboard Project will have more woodworkers involved, more breadboards, earlier availability & publicity.

If you have received a breadboard, will you take the Breadboard challenge to use your breadboard to make a difference? Go ahead, think outside the box. Maybe every time you buy a loaf of bread you set aside that same amount of money to donate. Maybe you serve bread off of it at a hunger awareness fundraiser meal you put on. Perhaps you display it at your work with a sign that your company will match customer donations. Or perhaps you use it only as inspiration and work with your available resources to do something entirely different. If we each do something small, it will add up to a big difference. For inspiration check out this Oregonian story not connected to the Breadboard Project.

If so, I would like to list them (with name or anonymously) on the blog. Please submit a brief description/summary to

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